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Our best brains will go overseas

What - keep the guys who cocked it up here ??

That seems a sensible way of progressing doesn't it ? Now we are trillions in debt thanks to the "complex" web of risky investment structures indulged in by our top bankers, we should be extremely worried that if we tax them too much or don't allow big pay hikes, they might go overseas.

In the words of Shania Twain: "You must be joking right ?"

Most of us making a pigs ear of a job would get "Does not meet" on our objectives and a written bloody warning !

We should call their bluff and see if they can manage to get a job "helping" other countries. Ideally encourage them to apply to our greatest rivals in commerce.

Directors welcome challenges of new jobs

That's what they say in the job interviews. They look forward to the entrepreneurial challenges and new responsibilities.

Motivated by the opportunity to line their pockets with share options have an ongoing impact in moving the business forward and delivering shareholder value.

Naturally the workforce are also treated as if working for the company is something they should be grateful for and are encouraged to "buy into the mission". That should be ample reward in itself shouldn't it ? Especially after they have been graced with the presence of some board members at the anal annual conference and have seen the exciting "roadmap" for the years ahead.

Except most people can smell b......t, especially when the door to the Remuneration Committee meeting isn't air-tight.

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