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Where's the hairnets and gloves ?

Now I don't want to put anyone off paying £200 for a meal in a Michelin restaurent, but it is a bit noticeable that if you go into a fast food chain, the staff are all kitted up in health and safety gear. If you ever go into a food factory, you'll be wrapped up like an astronaut !

But if you watch Masterchef, you must have noticed the odd drip of sweat being wiped away from a toiling contestant, with the back of the hand. Hairnets don't seem to feature widely and food is often picked up by ungloved hand to be placed precisely on the white plates.

Now then, what about tasting while cooking ? Just the spoon put in, tasted and then reused !

Actually I happen to think that's the real world similar to our kitchen and the likelihood of anything nasty being transferred is very remote. But its still a bit odd somehow.

Of course the other extreme is the world of neurotic Dettol users and I certainly don't want to visit that.

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