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This was going to be called "Random Stuff", but in an effort to appear young and cool we changed it to this, as its what we keep hearing the teens saying - like. Yay !

Its still random though.

If you like the snap that good chocolate has and want to coat some truffles More...
By the look of the house renovation programmes on television, the very first thing you must do when looking at a potential purchase is to think about which walls you can knock down to create a larger living space. More...
Someone's having a laugh surely More...
Have you been mis-sold food that you didn't really need ? Why not make the most of the blame culture and contribute to the nation's health at the same time ? More...
99% of germs killed. That keeps the world of Dettol users a bit less neurotic, or does it ? More...
"Sophie has cooked pan fried Turbot on a bed of blanched cabbage leaves, with a Celeriac sauce, Dauphinoise potatoes and a white wine reduction". But that's not all More...

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