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Penny Wise Pound Foolish and Voucher Codes

Get the latest discount code and save what ?

Quite often a very small amount, IF there actually is a valid code you can use.

We seem to have become a nation of what are called 'savvy' consumers, searching out the best deals, quite often just to save a few quid. How long do you really want to spend in your life, searching a computer screen to save a fiver ?

Some call it 'savvy'; I call it 'lost'. As in: 'lost touch with what really matters'.

Look at it another way... the biggest savings we will ever get for most products are in the Sales. But of course, that means, horror of horrors, that we have to wait. That's almost as bad as saving.

"I want it all and I want it now".

Ultimately that probably means a saving of a few pounds, when waiting could often have delivered a really significant saving.

Worse than that, some people are desperate to get a voucher code to get money off a product that actually has bad reviews; if they had bothered to investigate. Yes, that's really 'savvy', getting money off a crap product. Like my daughters Gola bag that fell apart within weeks (no I didn't use a code, but I'm sure I could have found one if desperate).

Anyway, there are of course sites that deliver proper savings, for example for TV's and electrical goods that sell old or excess stock (OMG - what if someone notices you've got an older model ?), or for skis where sites like Ski Clearances show quite a few discounts and Sales. There are plenty of these websites around if you just look carefully.

Then you'll have more time to actually enjoy yourself, whether skiing, watching the television you bought or having that weekend away that you couldn't afford until there was a half-price special offer.

We found another one recently for mountain bikes - you can often get up to 50% off ! Cheap mountain bikes

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