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I've just been privileged to watch a webcast from one of the world's leading particle physicists on the subject of the Higgs Bosun and the Large Hadron Collider. It reminded me of what proper scientific research is about and more importantly prompted some thoughts on how you figure out something is present without actually being able to see it. Or, how you get evidence that something is at work that you can't see.

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Chilling Autumn sky
Squirrel searches Google breathes
Cold on webmasters More...
A lot of things are blamed on Google, whether its website rankings, sites being sandboxed or simply disappearing from search results. Webmasters have got used to the changes in algorithm labelled with cuddly animal names, which could be viewed as highly disingenuous, given the effect on many businesses More...
Both can appear to be scientific, both claim to have predictable results, but both have very little scientific proof and you can't do the experiment anyway More...
For a long time it was said and seemed to be true that Google didn't like gambling websites and certainly, you couldn't advertise on Adwords if you were in that area. But what effect does Google's own search have on businesses that depend on it ? More...
Most of us feel more motivated when a burst of commissions appears and less when they slow down, which is hardly surprising. Its just what any sales force experiences isn't it ?

Well not really; there is another side to this. More...

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