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Unofficial Disclaimer

Please note the following:

In line with current trends in society, someone else is to blame, whether its the other motorist, the government, infrastructure, banks or the in-laws.

If you don't like the quality of any of the comments that you see on our blog, please let us know. In particular, we need to know if you notice any of the following:

Sentimentality:- particularly any references to 'good old days', 'when we were young we used to be able to' and similar sad posts. These seem to be happening more and more recently and never used to appear in the days when quality was an important (rest of this post edited 30/10/11)

Contradictions: As we are publishers, it stands to reason that we expect politicians to be absolutely rigid in their opinions and decisions and to never change their minds. That would show weakness and open them up to ridicule.

After all, who can forget the famous Thatcher U-turn, that contributed so well to our column inches ?

Or the way in which Tony Blair responded to our repeated calls to change his mind over Iraq ? Oh no he di-ent.

So we would ask you all to bring to our attention any contradictions in our own arguments and opinions, as we've probably got no b....y idea whether we are being consistent or not.

We have around 100 people ready to take your calls and read your emails.


Official disclaimer

We're sorry if anything on this blog accidentally offends you, but we won't be held responsible or liable for any consequences of content that expresses strong opinions or that contains rigourous debate. We hope to reflect our free speech society, as long as individuals's rights are not infringed or their reputations damaged.

Reading this blog is entirely at the visitors discretion.

We do our best in good faith to monitor and remove any comments or posts that may be libellous, slanderous, or those that may incite illegal action but we can't spot everything immediately, so please contact us if you see any such content.

Please read our more detailed disclaimer: Here

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