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Who likes call-centres

Corporate Distancing

Yes, its another example of 'just obeying orders'. They're just human like you and me and they work for organisations where their responsibility is to run the call-centre project.

Nobody at the operational level is likely to resign in principle at being asked to do it.

So don't blame the folks who did the work. Blame the folks who told them to do it. (The ones with the 50% pay rises perhaps )

Nobody asked us

ANY organisation that planned a call-centre could easily have tested the idea on a group of us couldn't they ? We know what we would have said - it doesn't take much imagination to see that they will wind customers up.

But they went ahead anyway and now the irony is that many of them are making a big thing about having UK call centres and aren't they clever and listening to their customers.

We could have saved them a lot of trouble if they'd asked us in the first place.

Getting rid of call-centres

Bearing in mind that the original reason for these abominations would have been a cost-saving exercise, then perhaps the way to get rid of them is to remove their viability. ( Of course, there may have been some misguided individuals who thought that call-centres would enable a better, faster response to customers. But the less said about that the better ).

Now, if it turned out that call-centres started to cost way more than was viable, the organisations using them would soon shut them down, or improve them, or bring them back into the UK at the very least.

One evening in a pub, an interesting idea came up:

Suppose that everyone who was fed up with call-centres, decided to deliberately waste their time ?
Then the call-centres would cost way more, the accountants would run the figures again and perhaps 'hey-presto', the call centre would become a thing of the past.

'Fat chance', you may think, but there are probably millions of p....d off users. Multiply that by an extra 10 minutes per call and what have you got ?

Its a numbers game after all.

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