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Sorry, that should read 'Tax Efficiency'. Or perhaps not, if you happen to believe that its about time some ethics and morals were included in tax decisions by boards of directors. Or is everything OK, provided its within the law ? More...
Could this be the year that directors set an example by voluntarily giving up hefty bonuses and excessive salaries, in a show of social-mindedness to the Tiny-Tims of this world ? Today's news looks promising More...
Next time they phone to tell me that I will complain. Yes, I know its infected - with rubbish software. Mystery default settings, programs that won't let me do simple things and programs that unknown to me, are doing some sort of crucial update that involves the hard disk buzzing continuously - all courtesy of you know who More...
If you ask around, absolutely nobody likes call-centres. So who installed the bloody things ? More...
It was a long time ago but I can still remember the Naughty but Nice TV campaign for cream; I think it was also dairy products in general. More...

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