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All I need is a good screw

Look away now

For those of you who thought this was going to be an unusual diversion of a sexual nature, we apologise, but you were warned.

To those of you who do DIY, this probably won't come as a page 1 news shock and you'll know exactly what I'm on about !

It was only a small job really

Just screwing a few floorboards down with some nice 3 inch number 8's. But oh no it wasn't going to be that easy. The first 2 resulted in my screwdriver slipping out of the groove in the screw head and having to remove the knackered screw. Only myself to blame I thought - mild hangover and too early on a Saturday morning.

Tried a couple more - same thing happening.

So what's the problem ?

The slots in the screw heads are shallow at one end and OK at the other. That goes for half the pack.

I decided to have a look at all the other packs; many not used much as I don't do a lot of DIY. They are all from different shops bought at different times.

Same problem.

Perhaps my memory is wrong, but years ago I NEVER had to bother to select the best screws out of a pack. Surely its not too much to ask that if we are going to import something as basic as a screw, we at least make sure the quality is right.

Its not the first item that I would have been quite willing to pay a lot more for if I knew they were made properly.

That goes for school bags as well (for the kids) - but that's something for another post !

What's happened to our manufacturing ? etc. etc. etc.....

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