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Wife: "What's that ? That's not the detergent I asked you to get"
Me: "They didn't have it, so I got another type. They all do the same thing anyway; its ridiculous how many bottles there are. Its just the same with toothpaste"
Wife: "You're always moaning about shopping; why don't you just stick it on a blog"

... That's how this site started, so you know who to blame !

If you like the snap that good chocolate has and want to coat some truffles More...
Sorry, that should read 'Tax Efficiency'. Or perhaps not, if you happen to believe that its about time some ethics and morals were included in tax decisions by boards of directors. Or is everything OK, provided its within the law ? More...
Could this be the year that directors set an example by voluntarily giving up hefty bonuses and excessive salaries, in a show of social-mindedness to the Tiny-Tims of this world ? Today's news looks promising More...
I've just been privileged to watch a webcast from one of the world's leading particle physicists on the subject of the Higgs Bosun and the Large Hadron Collider. It reminded me of what proper scientific research is about and more importantly prompted some thoughts on how you figure out something is present without actually being able to see it. Or, how you get evidence that something is at work that you can't see.

Anyone for SEO ? More...

Chilling Autumn sky
Squirrel searches Google breathes
Cold on webmasters More...
A lot of things are blamed on Google, whether its website rankings, sites being sandboxed or simply disappearing from search results. Webmasters have got used to the changes in algorithm labelled with cuddly animal names, which could be viewed as highly disingenuous, given the effect on many businesses More...
You can't escape the house programmes on TV, they're addictive, but who on earth started dressing up houses for sale as if they're off to their first wedding ? For that matter, who first started knocking down interior walls ? More...
Its an old saying; in fact I remember my Dad going on about it years ago when I was a teenager. Very annoying, all this looking after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves talk. I tried it, but it wouldn't pay for the set of golf clubs I wanted. More...
By the look of the house renovation programmes on television, the very first thing you must do when looking at a potential purchase is to think about which walls you can knock down to create a larger living space. More...
Next time they phone to tell me that I will complain. Yes, I know its infected - with rubbish software. Mystery default settings, programs that won't let me do simple things and programs that unknown to me, are doing some sort of crucial update that involves the hard disk buzzing continuously - all courtesy of you know who More...

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